​​​Taqueria Captain Ponchos 2

           Authentic Mexican Food

  1. $9.99
    Flautas Fried Corn tortilla with meat fillings, sour cream, lettuce and cheese toppings, rice and beans
  2. $6.99
    Mexican Tortas, 10 inch Bread, Favorite Meat, topped with beans, mex cheese, mex sour cream, veggies, avocado and jalapenos
  3. $9.99
    Posole Hominy soup, with pork meat, red sauce and topped with veggies weekend only
  4. $10.99
    Bisteck a la Mexicana Mexican style steak grilled with onions, tomatos and jalapenos, with rice and beans
  5. $7.49
    Burrito Bowl A burrito without the tortilla
  6. $2.99
    Pupusas Hand made corn flour tortilla filled with choice of chicharron, cheese or mix. side of coleslaw(curtido) and sauce
  7. $11.99
    Mojarra Frita Whole fish, fried, includes bones served with rice, beans and tortillas
  8. $4.99
    Guacamole, whole avocado with fresh pico de gallo
  9. $1.99
    Rice and Beans $1.99 each
  10. $12.99
    Camarones Shrimp platter, a la diabla(spicy sauce) or mojo de ajo(garlic sauce)
  11. $5.99
    Huaraches 12 inch hand made corn tortilla filled with meat of choice, onions, cilantro and side of grilled onions and grilled peppers
  12. $8.49
    California Burrito 12 inch flour tortilla with meat of choice, fries, guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream, veggies
  13. $9.99
    Caldo de Res Beef Soup
  14. $5.99
    Quesadilla 10 inch flour tortilla, filled with meat of choice and melted cheese
  15. $7.49
    Burrito 12 inch tortilla, with meat of choice, rice, beans, cheese and sour cream, with veggies
  16. $4.49
    Sopes 6 inch hand made corn tortilla, fried and filled with meat of choice, veggies, cheese and sour cream
  17. $2.99
    Empanadas Hand made corn flour empanadas, filled with beef or cheese with side of lettuce and cheese
  18. $2.99
    Picadas 6 inch hand made tortilla, grilled with spicy sauce and cheese topping
  19. $8.99
    Mexican Burger Full marinated patty, topped with ham, melted cheese, chopped tomatoes and onions, mayo, ketchup, mustard ,American cheese and pickled jalapenos
  20. $2.99
    Mexican Hot Dog Beef Frank wrapped with bacon, topped with pico de gallo, mayo, mustard, lettuce and pickled onions
  21. $11.99
    Filete de Pescado Grilled boneless tilapia fish, served with rice, fries and pico de gallo
  22. $6.99
    Mexican Breakfast Choice of Huevo con chorizo, Salsa Roja(spicy) or A la Mexicana
  23. $10.99
    Carne Asada, Carne Asada, Grill Skirt Steak, server with rice, beans, salad, hand tossed tortillas and jalapenos
  24. $9.99
    Chilaquiles Fried tortilla smothered with green or red sauce, with side of eggs
  25. $2.99
    Gorditas, Hand MadeTortilla, Filled with meat of choice. 3X$7.99
  26. $4.99
    Chips topped with beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatos and more
  27. $5.99
    Hard Shell with Rice Beans, Beef, Veggies, Cheese and Sour Cream
  28. $8.99
    Grill Chicken, served with rice and beans, salad and tortillas